500 Hats of Bartholomew Cubbins, TheSeuss, Dr.
A Great Day for PupWorth, Bonnie.Cat in the Hat's Learning Library
Abe Lincoln and the Muddy PigKrensky, StephenChildhood of Famous Americans Ready-to-Read
AbuelaDorros, Arthur
Actual SizeJenkins, Steve
Adelita : a Mexican Cinderella StoryDePaola, Tomie
Aesop’s Fablesvary, authors
Africa DreamGreenfield, Eloise
After the Fall (How Humpty Dumpty Got Back Up Again)Santat, Dan
Alfie and the Birthday SurpriseHughes, ShirleyAlfie
Alfie Gets in FirstHughes, ShirleyAlfie
Alfie Gives a HandHughes, ShirleyAlfie
Alfie’s 1 2 3Hughes, ShirleyAlfie
Alfie’s ABCHughes, ShirleyAlfie
Alfie’s FeetHughes, ShirleyAlfie
Almost Gone : The World’s Rarest AnimalsJenkins, SteveLet's-Read-and-Find-Out Science; Stage 2
Ambush of Tigers, AnRosenthal, Betsy R.
Amelia EarhartGilpin, Caroline CrossonNational Geographic Readers: Level 1
Amelia Earhart: More Than a FlierLakin, PatriciaChildhood of Famous Americans Ready-to-Read
AmphibiansBerger, MelvinTrue or False
Anansi and the Magic StickKimmel, Eric A.Anansi
Anansi and the Moss-Covered RockKimmel, Eric A.Anansi
Anansi and the Talking MelonKimmel, Eric A.Anansi
Anansi Goes FishingKimmel, Eric A.Anansi
Anansi the Spider: A Tale from the AshantiMcDermott, GeraldAnansi
Animals Do, Too!: How They Behave Just Like YouKaner, Etta
Animals on BoardMurphy, Stuart J.
Annie and the Old OneMiles, Miska
Annie Oakley Saves the DayDiVito, AnnaChildhood of Famous Americans Ready-to-Read
AntsStewart, MelissaNational Geographic Readers: Level 1
Apt. 3Keats, Ezra Jack
Arctic Fives ArrivePincze, Elinor J.
Are You My Mother?Eastman, P.D.
Arnold the BraveHerget, Gundi
Arthur and the True FrancineBrown, MarcArthur Adventures
Arthur BabysitsBrown, MarcArthur Adventures
Arthur Goes to CampBrown, MarcArthur Adventures
Arthur Lost and FoundBrown, MarcArthur Adventures
Arthur Meets the PresidentBrown, MarcArthur Adventures
Arthur Writes a StoryBrown, MarcArthur Adventures
Arthur’s April FoolBrown, MarcArthur Adventures
Arthur’s BabyBrown, MarcArthur Adventures
Arthur’s Back to School DayHoban, Lillian
Arthur’s BirthdayBrown, MarcArthur Adventures
Arthur’s Birthday PartyHoban, Lillian
Arthur’s Camp-OutHoban, Lillian
Arthur’s Chicken PoxBrown, MarcArthur Adventures
Arthur’s ChristmasBrown, MarcArthur Adventures
Arthur’s Christmas CookiesHoban, Lillian
Arthur’s Computer DisasterBrown, MarcArthur Adventures
Arthur’s EyesBrown, MarcArthur Adventures
Arthur’s Family VacationBrown, MarcArthur Adventures
Arthur’s First SleepoverBrown, MarcArthur Adventures
Arthur’s Funny MoneyHoban, Lillian
Arthur’s HalloweenBrown, MarcArthur Adventures
Arthur’s Honey BearHoban, Lillian
Arthur’s Loose ToothHoban, Lillian
Arthur’s New PuppyBrown, MarcArthur Adventures
Arthur’s NoseBrown, MarcArthur Adventures
Arthur’s Pen PalHoban, Lillian
Arthur’s Perfect ChristmasBrown, MarcArthur Adventures
Arthur’s Pet BusinessBrown, MarcArthur Adventures
Arthur’s Teacher Moves InBrown, MarcArthur Adventures
Arthur’s Teacher TroubleBrown, MarcArthur Adventures
Arthur’s ThanksgivingBrown, MarcArthur Adventures
Arthur’s ToothBrown, MarcArthur Adventures
Arthur’s TV TroubleBrown, MarcArthur Adventures
Arthur’s UnderwearBrown, MarcArthur Adventures
Arthur’s ValentineBrown, MarcArthur Adventures
Babe Ruth and the Ice Cream MessGutman, DanChildhood of Famous Americans Ready-to-Read
Baby Sister for Frances, AHoban, Russell
Bad Case of Tattle Tongue, ACook, Julia
Barn Dance!Martin, Bill Jr.
Basketball BreakJoven, C. C.Sports Illustrated Kids Starting Line Readers
Bear’s ScareGrant, Jacob
Bedtime for FrancesHoban, Russell
Beep Beep Vroom Vroom!Murphy, Stuart J.
Ben Franklin and His First KiteKrensky, StephenChildhood of Famous Americans Ready-to-Read
Berenstain Bears and the Big Road RaceBerenstain, Stan & JanBerenstain Bears Beg/1st Time Readers
Berenstain Bears and the Ghost of the ForestBerenstain, Stan & JanBerenstain Bears Beg/1st Time Readers
Berenstain Bears and the Missing Dinosaur BoneBerenstain, Stan & JanBerenstain Bears Beg/1st Time Readers
Berenstain Bears and the Missing HoneyBerenstain, Stan & JanBerenstain Bears Beg/1st Time Readers
Berenstain Bears On the Job, TheBerenstain, Stan & JanBerenstain Bears Beg/1st Time Readers
Bertie was a WatchdogWalton, Rick
Best Foot Forward: Exploring Feet, Flippers, and ClawsArndt, Ingo
Best Vacation EverMurphy, Stuart J.
Betsy Ross and the Silver ThimbleGreene, StephanieChildhood of Famous Americans Ready-to-Read
Big Red Barn, TheBrown, Margaret Wise
Bigger, Better, BestMurphy, Stuart J.
Bill and Pete Go Down the NileDePaola, Tomie
BirdsBerger, MelvinTrue or False
Bob and TomCazet, Denys
BonesKrensky, Stephen
Boston Tea PartyFreedman, Russell
Boy Who Cried Wolf, TheHennessy, B. G.
Boy Who Held Back the Sea, TheHort, Lenny
Boy Who was Raised by LIbrarians, TheMorris, Carla
Branch, TheMessier, Mireille
Brave Enough for TwoVoss, Jonathan D.Hoot & Olive Story, A
Bread and Jam for FrancesHoban, Russell