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What is the Kindergarten cutoff date?

Utah – All kindergarten students must turn five years old by September 1 to enroll in a public school in Utah.

How do I apply to transfer my student(s) between American Prep campuses?

You may apply for an inter-campus transfer by requesting a transfer application from our Enrollment Coordinator Lindsey Rees at

Which campuses can students transfer between?

Students may transfer between American Prep campuses on a case-by-case priority basis, depending on availability at the receiving campus.

How is transfer priority determined? Who gets priority and in what order is priority given?

Student transfer lists are populated by grade based on the date we receive your application for transfer.  Priority is given to students applying for transfer who have siblings currently enrolled at a different campus.  For example, if your family has two students attending Draper 1 and one student attending Draper 2, your family will receive higher transfer priority than families with no students at Draper 2.

When are the transfer application deadlines and notifications?

Transfer applications are received at any time by the Enrollment Coordinator    The initial notification period for applications for the following school year will occur in February and March.  Additional notifications will be made as space becomes available.

How do I apply for enrollment?

Simply complete the online application found at

How are students accepted?

When a vacant seat occurs, all applications for that campus and that grade will be included in a lottery.  Families of students selected in the lottery will be notified via email or phone.  Once all vacancies have been filled, the lottery is dissolved and all students return to a random waiting position for future lotteries.

How will I be notified if I’m accepted?

Students accepted in a lottery are first notified at the email address submitted on the application.  If we are unable to reach accepted applicants by this email address, they will be contacted by phone using the number provided on the application.

If I am not accepted, will I be notified?

Because our lotteries are “rolling”, and students withdraw at various times all throughout the process, we do not notify parents that their students are not selected.  You are welcome to email our Enrollment Coordinator, Lindsey Rees at to get a status update on your application.

When you hold a lottery, are all the accepted students notified immediately with a mass email?

Yes, we send an immediate email but no we do not send mass emails.  Each accepted family is immediately sent an individual acceptance email.  This allows us to verify the selected student information as well as any siblings the family is looking to enroll.  The process does take longer however it increases your chances of having all of your students enrolled at the same time.

Once I have received an email notification, where can I find information on lunches, start time, etc.?

In your acceptance email you will receive information about parent welcome meetings.  These meetings will allow parents to meet with school administration and receive all desired information.