American Prep Jr. High Mission Statement

American Preparatory Academy Jr. High assists students in their efforts to become student scholars by providing an academically rigorous liberal arts program that prepares them for advanced study at the high school level.

Philosophy Statement

Student academic achievement is the primary goal of American Preparatory Academy. We believe that only when students master fundamentals and are fluent in the basic foundational knowledge of the major disciplines can they move on to effectively express their knowledge and master higher-level skills.

Therefore, the foundation of our instruction will focus on mastery of fundamentals. We define mastery as the ability to demonstrate knowledge and skills repeatedly and accurately. This requires repeated instruction in the subject matter, increasing the degree of challenge and considerable practice. As our students master the fundamentals, our instruction focuses on sequential building of conceptual knowledge and promoting independent expression of knowledge. APA students demonstrate individual internalization of conceptual knowledge through extensive written work and verbal presentation. This focus on repetitive, sequential knowledge acquisition, combined with extensive expression of understanding, prepares APA students for advanced study at high school and collegiate levels.

American Prep’s Junior High program reflects our commitment to our 2 pillars:  Academic Achievement and Character Development.  We believe it is important for students to continue rigorous academic study in Jr. High, and that in addition, they have opportunities to develop skills and talents in music, art, sports, drama, and debate.  Character development training accelerates in Jr. High as students have opportunities for service learning, student government, legislative training, and fun social interaction.


Jr. High Subjects of Study

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Expressive Learning

  • Music
  • Art
  • Physical Education
  • Performances
  • Clubs
  • Athletics


High School


High School

Physical Education

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Junior High


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The goal of the APA athletic program is to promote the education and development of students through athletic participation. Lifelong learning experiences include the values of teamwork, sportsmanship, respect, integrity, discipline, positivity, and commitment.

Character Development

  • Ambassador Events
  • Ambassador Council
  • Social Dance
  • Leadership Lessons
  • Service Projects
  • Builders Assemblies
High School

Ambassador Events

Students participate in themed-workshops that include an opening activity followed by rotating stations where skills are taught and practiced in a hands-on approach. They cover a wide variety of skills such as: dining etiquette, public speaking, proper introductions, cell phone etiquette, appropriate conversation, navigating a buffet line, meet and greet, etc.
High School

Ambassador Council

Ambassador student councils act as a representation of their particular grade at their campus. Students are nominated, interviewed, and chosen based on excellent character and solid academic performance. Council members participate in a hands-on, 12-week, leadership training course. Council members plan and carry out both Ambassador events and student-initiated social programs. They also write the Ambassador newsletter, design bulletin boards, select the Builders of the Month, choose Teacher Accolade awards, welcome students at assemblies, maintain budgets, help with yearbook, manage publicity efforts, attend staff meetings, befriend other students, and represent the student body. Council members learn important skills such as public speaking, volunteer coordination, social programming, communication skills, peer leadership, and participating in agenda-driven council meetings.
High School

Social Dance

Each week students participate in social dance instruction in cha-cha, waltz, foxtrot, swing, etc. Themed dances allow the students to not only dance and interact, but to practice respectful behavior, which is the first priority.
Junior High

Leadership Lessons

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Steven R. Covey is the basis of this program. This course prepares students for the increased demands of high school, college, and adult life. It is an extension of the Builder Program implemented in the elementary grades as it moves from positive character traits to positive life skills.
High School

Service Projects

Students are given the opportunity to do service both on-campus and off-campus. Some of these events include hosting a grandparent luncheon, assisting at elderly care facilities, volunteering at the food bank, participating in donation drives, or mentoring at-risk youth.

Builders Assemblies

Monthly builders themes emphasizing values such as honesty, integrity, and hard work are introduced and emphasized. Staff members watch for students who demonstrate the monthly theme. Monthly and yearly builder awards are presented to students in school assemblies.

Dressing For Success