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Priority Consideration Announcement: Due to the change in the Utah state law regarding charter school enrollment priorities, we may be able to give a priority to students who:
  1. Are refugees or whose family members are refugees
  2. Speak a language other than English as the primary language in their home
Do you speak a language other than English as the primary language in the home?
Did you, your parents, or your children enter the United States under refugee status?
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* grade into which student is applying to enroll next year (school year 2014-2015)
Schools to which you are applying

Utah - Salt Lake Valley

(k-6) American Prep - Draper 1 (Pony Express Drive)
(k-11) American Prep - Draper 2 (Lone Peak Parkway)
(k-9) American Prep - West Valley 1 (Crystal Avenue)
(k-12) American Prep - West Valley 2 (Bangerter)

Utah - Utah Valley

(k-9) American Prep - Liberty (Salem)


(k-9) American Prep - Las Vegas
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